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LocalHost SSH Login

Von: Slinky (slinky@dan-pc.remove-quf-this) [Profil]
Datum: 09.04.2010 05:06
Message-ID: <4BBE99AD.5671.sync@dan-pc.tzo.net>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet
Seems to me that when I log into synchronet via ssh using syncterm as a local
sysop on my local system, the "sy" [or system/sysop password] prompt isn't
always displayed properly. Also wondering if you connect locally you need
username/password which is required for syncterm ssh login, but maybe if
user/pass not required by local ssh synchronet logon then what is happening
behind the scenes? Invalid logon perhaps? Then intermittently not showing "sy"
prompt? Can't figure this one out, as nitpicky as it may be.

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