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Syncterm for Android?

Von: Tharkis (tharkis@vert.synchro.net.remove-1ew-this) [Profil]
Datum: 06.05.2010 22:12
Message-ID: <4BE322B7.56732.sync@vert.synchro.net>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet
I found an app in the Android market called rTerm. It's kind of cool in the
fact that I can telnet to BBSes on my droid phone. Unfortunately the ANSI
implementation and menus are partially in chinese. So BBSes look kinda weird.
I was wondering if Syncterm could be ported to Android?

On a related note, I'm still waiting for someone to make an android clone of
LORD so I can play it on my phone lol.
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