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Re: Catholic priests and monks have been raping boys for over 1000 years

Von: Wild Bill (bilsgrdn@daytonwa.net) [Profil]
Datum: 19.03.2010 23:56
Message-ID: <ho0veo$aa6$1@news.parasun.com>
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"Patrick" <barker_pb@erinot.com> wrote in message
> "Wild Bill" <bilsgrdn@daytonwa.net> wrote ...
>>>> Your RCC does an excellent job of producing it's own shit with scandals
>>>> after scandals.
>>> And what are you doing about it?
>>> You know - besides doing the Monday morning quarterback shuffle?
>> It's my privilege to do whatever shuffle I like, as it is yours also.
>> However, I don't control the actions of others, so I can't do anything
>> about the despicable things your church does other than rub their noses
>> in it verbally. The real question should be what are YOU going to do
>> about it since it's your corrupted institution we're discussing.
> Most Catholics were shocked when the crisis first came about.
> They were disturbed, wary, and wanted explanations.
> There were no good excuses.  However, after studying the
> problem, most Catholics have just come to realize that the
> priests that they held so high on pedestals were merely humans.
> And, the bishops were dumbstruck on how to handle the problem.
> Most Catholics have now accepted the fact that mistakes were
> made, poor decisions, and some hushing up to protect the
> victims and accused.  The bishops looked for quiet solutions,
> and they found out that there aren't any.
> Protocols have changed, and those same decisions will
> never be made again.
> Most Catholics are watching, praying and will remain vigilant.
> The outsiders are still trying to raise mobs and start bonfires.

Good honest reply, Patrick. I also applaud your positive attitude.

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