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Re: What exactly is the 'Word' of God?

Von: Wild Bill (bilsgrdn@daytonwa.net) [Profil]
Datum: 21.03.2010 15:01
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>>>>> Simple, Jesus is.  He is the embodiment of the Scriptures.
>>> Andrew W wrote:
>>>> ...which have become corrupted by men throughout time.
>>>> So in fact we can't really be sure exactly what Jesus was really about.
>>> You know enough, He made sure of that.
>>> He hears so much bullshit, why don't you choose to be different from the
>>> masses?
> Andrew W wrote;
>> I am different from the masses. I don't believe the popular half truths,
>> distortions and propaganda that most believe.
> Okay, I will keep an eye on you.

Yeah Michael, make sure he doesn't mess with your half-truths, distortions
and propaganda. The New Testament story of Jesus is about 80% myth, legend
and folklore...get used to it!
> Michael Christ

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