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Review: "Children of the Gulag"

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Datum: 07.06.2010 16:44
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(The New Republic) - The strange relationship between real life and
official fiction is one of the central subjects of "Children of the
Gulag" (Amazon: http://xrl.us/ChildrenGulag ), a significant and
sickening book, which contains several different kinds of
documentary evidence, as well as commentary. Much of the archival
material here was published in Russian, in a volume (Deti Gulaga
1918-1956: Dokumenty) edited by Semyon Vilensky, one of this book’s
co-authors. For that volume and this one, Vilensky also supplied
some memoir material from the private archive of Vozvrashchenie
(“Return”), an organization which he founded, and which is
dedicated to the preservation of the memory of Stalin’s victims.
Cathy Frierson, the other coauthor, has added some new material —
notably interviews with survivors and with the children of
survivors. This combination of sources allows Vilensky and Frierson
to show the stark contrasts between official policies toward Soviet
children and their actual experiences...

Continued: http://xrl.us/ChildrenGulag2

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