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Electric LovecraftShock Promotions08.02.10
Landmark anthology, The Bleeding EdgeJaSunni Productio...10.01.10
Comet Press Going Rogue with The Death PanelShock Promotions28.11.09
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Ranfurly Review - Call For SubmissionsColin Galbraith21.01.08
Faith before Reason - The New Americaleroy74917.01.08
Faith before Reason - The New Americaleroy74913.01.08
Newly released dark romantic fantasy novel: Wor...Sally Hand23.10.07
Excerpt: Causes of Autism Explored in NovelSteve O'Keefe06.09.07
PERIL IN PARADOX -- now on view at Authspot.com!John Lavernoich05.09.07
Excerpt: Mademoiselle VictorineJane Smith17.08.07
Excerpt: Dead ConnectionJane Smith10.08.07
the witchdoctors rehab diaries ( evil eye )James Black09.08.07
the witchdoctor rehab diaries ( yoga and a nipp...James Black09.08.07
Excerpt: A Nail Through the HeartJane Smith31.07.07
Crimson Highway: Dark Romantic Fiction WebzineSally Hand31.07.07
Excerpt: The Last Summer (of You & Me)Jane Smith17.07.07
Win a signed copy of Dead Connectionygc0525@yahoo.com05.07.07
Newnovelist has helped 50,000 people write thei...alexander greene03.07.07
Excerpt: The Screaming RoomJane Smith05.06.07
Excerpt: Magdalen RisingJane Smith25.04.07
Excerpt: The Watchman by CraisJane Smith28.03.07
An Interview with Allen Ashley, Author of Urba...admin@ng2000.com20.02.07
Excerpt: Exile by Richard North PattersonJane Smith05.02.07
Excerpt: The Oxford Murders by MartínezJane Smith29.01.07
Science Fiction Cllub Book Collection!! Leather...Rusting Jacks23.01.07
Anyone willing to submit his stories ?T.F. Radke09.12.06
Excerpt: Miss Understanding by LessingJane Smith27.11.06
Cyber MondayJudity27.11.06
CODE NAME: CHAMELEONS -- check out the promo!John Lavernoich19.11.06
! *American Idols Booby malfunctionAmazing Stuff16.11.06
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I know no shameJudity17.10.06
Love of Reading Online Bookfair - Oct. 3-5Jane Smith03.10.06
The Islamic invasion of Europe has begun....Pageflipper28.09.06
The Islamic invasion of Europe has begun....Pageflipper28.09.06
The Islamic invasion of Europe has begun....Pageflipper28.09.06