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Start your home business with Peoplestring and live your dream life!

Von: Matrixx (slvrtd89@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 09.02.2010 22:49
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Hi fellow marketer and business opportunity seeker.I have been
building my business in Peoplestring since april 2009 and been
Entrepreneur since december.I have almost 400 people in my team and
its great.I have been paid twice already:)Peoplestring pays out 70% of
their advertising revenues to his members.Which i think is a great
idea:D.Okey here are more info-

New social network pays out 70% advertising revenue to its members.Get
paid to read e-mails,take surveys,get cash back when you shop in
internet,refer new people and MORE.Start earning today.Take your first
survey now and earn 1.50$

All PeopleString accounts include:

* World's coolest email with Self-destructing features
* Video Email
* Mailbox Cashbox
* Self-destructing IM
* Email Tracking
* Plus many other cool features
+Your Black Berry health drink sales page-earn 9$ per case

Free members earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings and 2% of all
earnings on levels 2 through 6. Entrepreneur members earn 20% of their
direct referrals earnings and 6% of all earnings on levels 2 through

Earn 0.50$ per referral
Peoplestring is a legal stock company

See you there,



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