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INDUSTRY S&P, TC, LEASING - 3.03.2010 - 1st ISSUE; Bar mill, PP Multifilament production line, Urea 46 production plant, R/O PLANT, Packaging Machine, cartoner, Delumper MILD STEEL, lift capable, Open End Spinning Plant

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Datum: 03.03.2010 12:36
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Newsgroup: alt.business
we have got purchase demands for:

1) NEW deform bar mill with capacity  up to 50 TpH
2) USED FDY PP Multifilament production line of yarn 400-500 denier
3) New or used Urea 46 production plant
4) Complete Open End Spinning Plant (Used); Production Capacity: 6 TpD
based on 16s
5) General Packaging Machine BAGGER model 70 (OR Equal) with twin
augers for filter pack coffee application
6) Franklin Miller, Jacobson, Stedman-Aurora (OR Equal) Delumper MILD
STEEL for chemical application. [24" x 24" or 36" x 36"]
7) Adco model 15D 105 semi-automatic hand load cartoner
8) TAWI (OR Equal) film reel/roll lift capable of lifting 450 pound
rolls 22" to 32" diameter x 45"-60" wide of flexible packaging film


our full offers for SALE / LEASING: pls see in www.orley.eu; new one

1) R/O plants, Floating or stationary; Photos in OnLine Catalogue:
IMPORTANT!!!: In case of interest please submit only written offer or
inquiry consisting
your company full style.
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