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stocks fixed, Illegals, crime, wars on people who are primitive,,dependence on fossil fuel

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Datum: 19.04.2010 09:00
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People distrust Politicians Government

Sure derivatives and stocks set up to capitalize to short selling
> is a paramount to fraud because you have people who have to
> > the goal is the de valuation of the company or investors . Maybe the
> > company blows or maybe it doesn't and maybe the people who build this
> > investment expect failure but the people who short and gain long
> > often win no matter what and its seldom you. Housing Mortgage is not th
e issue at all its the whole stock market! Since the internet I assure most
people thinking, almost all except insiders have (investors) lost allot. S
omeone inside knows something and capitalizes... but again more important::
::::. all stock trading is
> > fixed scam based on the most moneylong or short in stock. Whichever has
> > the
> > most $ on one side, the stock goes opposite way taking the greatest per
cent of
> > investors money Maybe if this is constantly allowed the gov is skimming
this money/???? When a big position leaves tired of waiting for big upacti
on , the market maker can take it long/ up in one big swoop making the stoc
k appear to not have gone down but only down when the most investors were l
ong. After market makers bring it up its like everyone in the stock gained
but actually the fewest of your money remains.The same thing can work short
., The markets are the biggest fix going in the US and building housing der
ivatives for housing was one small part. Every single transaction is built
on the foundation that its goal is to skim the pot of extra load long or sh
ort investment on any stock.. You will see stocks touted : secret stock has
200 percent gains, till its published then this hyped stock stops going up
once you invest. Why would that be? This scam is our role models and cause
s distrust. Soon enough someoneelse says if I can be scammed I will scam so
meone else. And it happens all the time in business with contractors etc. M
ost internet traders have lost trillions on the net,,, a coincidence? Not.
Yahoo two months ago said most people were not in recent upswing , then 2 w
eeks later saying daytraders are doing well. Which is it Yahoo? If you have
a porfolio you can be sure if you have one winner theother stock will more
then make up for that gain by having losses. The other big fraud is
> >, our acceptance of fraud and murder for fossil fuels . You
> > know millions are dying for fossil fuels and very little is done to
> > change it. or be told about those dying from it who work or live close 
to it. Forget the costs to murder too. It produces jobs for health care wor
ks over 10,000 oil gas employees and over a mllion health care workers and
production workers like truck drivers oil sales and coal workers. Your cell
phone is likely to change for the better in one month then any changes to
these prior conspiracies for years-
People don't trust our govt?
stocks are fixed , distrust? Most people have lost in stocks since the
internet, thats almost two decades, Its a bona fide fix
Our dependence on fossil fuel is a complete sad reality causing tens
of thousands of death from pollution never mentioned
We can't find Taliban without a complex communication system? 40 years
ago we were able to see a dime on the ground from space. Hundreds of
people (mostly illegals) line up at some Home Depot in the morning to
get jobs daily in the US, jobs that won't go to US citizens . Finally
crime.. the single biggest cause of death for many groups including
women is murder. What kind of society ignores 30k shot or murdered
each year and we can do more but we don't like national database for
dna at birth. Can you say all this is very questionable. Jobs,
censorship, fixing. Some great things in US like being able to write
about all this and being able to have some freedoms but one wonders
what is true or not anymore.Reporters don't ask hard questions anymore
People distrust.

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