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Webinar - Consulting For Success

Von: Haley MacGregor (hmacgregor@hcrq.com) [Profil]
Datum: 23.05.2010 05:01
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There are more than enough of those around!

There is also too much bad, obvious, or pathetic advice out there!

There are too many books of questionable value.

And everyone professes to know the "secrets"!

Let's be blunt - A LOT OF CRAP!

You need more than that if you want to be really successful, and
if you want to earn a lot of money.

You need more than that if you want to become more than
just another face in the crowd. THE WORLD PASSES THOSE FACES BY EVERY DAY.

You need more than what your accountant, friend, colleague, or the internet
is going to tell you.

Ask Yourself:

How badly do I want it?

Would I like to be "good" or would I like to be "great"?

Why isn't there a BMW or Lexus in my driveway?

Is this Seminar for You?

If you are satisfied with just "doing ok", this seminar is not for you!

The longer you wait, the more money you are losing!

Not Presently Consulting?

Are you making enough money?
Are you making someone else wealthy?
Are you worried about downsizing?
Are you working at a dead-end job, one with no challenge or growth?
Are you working overtime (late nights, weekends) but not getting paid
for it?
Are you wasting hours of your life while commuting to and from work?
Are you retired and want to use your expertise and experience to earn
additional income?
Are you contemplating becoming a consultant but worried about the loss
of your security blanket of salaried income and benefits?

Presently Consulting?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
Do the gaps in between jobs worry you?
Are you a burned-out consultant, aging quickly, estranged from your
family, and losing money?
Are you "just another consultant"?
Are you earning at least $150/hr?

What Makes This Seminar Unique?

It is the product of two decades of experience consulting, marketing
and refining.
It is taught by a well-known, respected consultant who has attained
international reputation.
It is the solution to becoming a successful consultant.


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