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How does Gov get money? Stock Market maybe? Shakeout city

Von: mark (markjeromy@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 12.05.2010 01:44
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When your money arrives long the stocks stop going up, get out, they
go back up over and over, don't matter long or short. Its one of the
biggest fixes in world. Shakeout and While some insiders cheat thats
not where the fraud lies. Did any reporter ask why market makers are
allowed to manipulate stocks? Its because they probably couldn't fix
the market electronically but I would not have any doubt that if they
got rid of market makers they would still find a way, just as the most
money on a horse at a race track from bettors at that track lose much
more then gain. The best stocks that fly high were never the ones you
or family were in.

Here are some more facts.The greatest loss of investors dollars has
come thru trading on the net and its so one sided that nothing close
compares except maybe the amount of money people pay for dirty fuels.
Can you imagine if Bush mandated seniors invested their savings in the
stock market?

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