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SCIENCE REPUBLICANS: R U A Conserv. Who Would Like 2 Keep America at Leading Edge?

Von: Frank Robertson (laisrevortnoc@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.05.2010 04:25
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Science Republicans is about forming a caucus - of individuals and, if
possible, within the Congress and/or the Republican Party - who see
that Big Science and Big Space are equivalent to Military Expenditure.
Big Science, including Basic Research (i.e., research into the basic
laws of physics, etc.) AND Tech/Applied Research (say, including
Quantum Computing, etc.), AND Big Space (manned and unmanned
exploration of the Solar System and beyond), are equivalent to
military expenditure. This is because of the direct relationship
between Science and General Tech, and Military Technology. But it also
would help the economy by developing entire new industries, the way
the Apollo Program created the microchip, for example.

Big Science includes such things as particle colliders and fields such
as Space, Physics, Energy, Bio/Genetics, Earth and Planetary Sciences,
etc. Big Space includes a major push and long term commitment to
explore the Solar System and beyond, both with Man and Machine.

Science Republicans would assert that scientific research and space
exploration deserve funding levels equiavalent to military expenditure
and/or the Apollo-Era Space program. This is because keeping America
at the top of these areas is at least as vital now as it was during
the Cold War. Major research in these areas, Science and Space, keep
our military technologically superior and help build entire new
industries and segments of the economy. Also, the Prestige Factor is
still vital, now, as during the Cold War.

Science Republicans are ideally Pro-Life, Pro-Military, Conservative
on Social Issues (Marriage, Family, etc.) and conservative on fiscal
policy. Placing a Science and Space Agenda alongside Defense is
logical and therefore presses for major funding for space and science
at levels of significant percentages of the total federal budget. This
spending would be far above the current levels of spending in these

Also, Science Republicans, unlike some other entities, would be open
to those on all sides in such controversies as Creation/Evolution/
Intelligent Design, Big Bang Busted?, Young .vs. Old Earth and Cosmos,
Global Warming, etc.

If you would like to join Science Republicans discussion group, please
send me a message telling briefly about yourself and your interests,
and the reason(s) why you would like to join. Also, please be patient.

NOTE: This group does not yet have its own website. However, a related
website, as to human space exploration, is:


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