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Re: Update and ongoing good/strength thoughts request

Von: Dan Goodman (dsgood@iphouse.com) [Profil]
Datum: 05.06.2010 05:11
Message-ID: <xn0guzxbkq3f3003@news.iphouse.com>
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Erin wrote:

> So, a bit ago I posted a sort-of request for some good thoughts for my
> best friend and her daughter (who is now in jail facing a LOT of
> charges against her, drugs and all things related).  Found out
> yesterday, officially, that the daughter is 4 months pregnant.  So, on
> top of everything else, there's going to be a high-needs, probably
> addicted baby being brought into this mess.  No idea yet what's going
> to happen with the baby -- daughter wants mom and dad to become the
> guardians.
> Personally, I think that's a horrible idea, but regardless of what
> they decide, it's not going to be easy.
> So, if anyone has any thoughts/prayers/strength thoughts to spare,
> Ellen and her family could sure use them.
> Thanks,
> Erin

Good thoughts on the way.

Dan Goodman
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