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Von: gyix (me@me.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.04.2008 14:49
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We are
kindly looking for member's support and help regarding our forum
topics. To be exact we want to improve our forum topic in
SYMBIAN/SERIES 60, 80 and 90. These are the ff:
1. Basic information (<span class="nfakPe">s60</span>, s80, s90)
2. Advanced information (<span class="nfakPe">s60</span>, s80, s90)
3. Troubleshooting (<span class="nfakPe">s60</span>, s80, s90)

Share us your knowledge on cellphones at the forum area, like for example:
1. how to unlock memory card with lost password?
2. how to format fone memory?
3. how to repair corrupted memory card?
4. how to reflash s60
These were some examples of our forum topics that we are hoping for all
of your support into this matter. In the first place, it can help all
the members in our website and at the same time we can share our
knowledge through posting in the forums section.
This can help us a lot and we can learn new additional knowledge and
troubleshooting when it comes into cellphones.
We are all hoping for your support and cooperation regarding this
important matter.
Thank you very much...
Regards: NokiaGalaxy.net
name: Gyix



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