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How do you get a cell phone and PC to communicate?

Von: Nelson (noreply@vapor.edu) [Profil]
Datum: 02.03.2009 02:57
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Newsgroup: alt.cellular.verizon alt.cellular.tech alt.cellular.bluetooth alt.cellular-phone-tech
How can you access a cell phone from a PC to transfer pictures taken
with and stored in the cell phone?

The phone is an LG VX5500.  Carrier is Verizon.  PC runs Windows

This phone has no external memory card (or slot for one).  So the data
can't be transferred via memory card.

I bought a USB data cable for the phone, got the driver, and installed
it ok.  Upon connection, Windows recognizes the phone.  The phone is
not registered in Windows as a disk drive, but it does appear in
Device Manager as a modem.

It would seem that some specialized software is needed to access the
phone from the computer.  Is that right?  If so, which do you

The phone can use bluetooth, so another possibility is transfering
files via bluetooth, if that can be done and if I buy a bluetooth
adapter for the PC.

Thanks for any advice.

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