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Tristit Browser Mobilise your life! Free!

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Your one-stop shop for all your mobile needs. Enjoy!

What is Tristit Mobile Browser?
Tristit Mobile Browser is a smart next-generation mobile platform and
its client works almost on any GSM or CDMA mobile phone.

Is it free?
Yes the browser itself and most services and content are free however
there are premium sections available.

What is so special about the Tristit Mobile Browser?

Through one interface one can use applications, download content,
interact with other users on other social networks such as Facebook,
Flickr and Twitter and use all possible media and applications
including music, voice, video and text.

Can I access the Internet or WAP?
Yes the Tristit Mobile Browser is a fast and easy way to access the

How can I download the Tristit Mobile Browser?
There are three download methods. You can download either via your
mobile phone through SMS or WAP or you can download it via our Internet

I have an old phone. Will it work?
Most probably yes. The Tristit Mobile Browser works on all Java
supported phones and this covers more than 85% of all existing mobile

Web Download : www.tristit.com
Wap Download : m.tristit.com
Support : support@tristit.com


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