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Callingmart still selling unlimited Pageplus for $39 minus 7%

Von: Larry (noone@home.com) [Profil]
Datum: 29.04.2010 17:13
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I got an email from Callingmart telling me about their Mother's Day 7%
discount on Pageplus pins this morning.  It still lists the
unlimited/unlimited Pageplus monthly plan for $39.95...and gives a 7%
discount if you enter HpyMothers10-7 into the discount code at checkout.

Just thought you monthly customers would like to know.

By the way, never just copy/paste your callingmart URL to usenet as it has
your embedded cookie and account information encrypted into it just before
/products..../  That couldn't be good....(c;]  Munging it to the above
still works to point to the plan.

Unlimited Verizon talk and text and 20MB with all the toys except MMS for
$37.17.  Not a bad price, at all....(c;]

Maybe it's only Pageplus buying direct that's going up to $45/mo....??

info for newbies at:
but the numbers need updating.  $80 cards for $74.40 from calling mart get
you 2000 minutes to use over 120 days, that won't be stolen away if you buy
even a $10 card by 120 days to keep your account alive.  $74.40/2000 mins
3.7c/minute + 50 cents/month service fee gets you Verizon Wireless with no
taxes, no queer charges noone can explain and NO FUNNY BUSINESS.  NOBODY
beats Pageplus prepaid!

I also found out another "feature" I didn't know about on Pageplus.  If you
let the other party hang up the phone call first, then stay on the line,
the Pageplus computer will read you the updated balance on your account
after both outgoing and incoming calls AND YOUR REMAINING DAYS BEFORE THE
ACCOUNT DROPS DEAD!  Very nice for checking incoming call costs if you're
logging your balance....  I won't have to buy anything for another 49 days.

Paying Verizon's plans my ass......

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