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Is it true Motorola can't update cell phone firmware 1 day out of warranty?

Von: Kat Rabun (katspianostudioxxx@use-author-supplied-address.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 02.04.2010 03:35
Message-ID: <hp3hlj$hk0$1@tioat.net>
Newsgroup: alt.cellular alt.cellular.motorola
I'm so disappointed in Motorola. Is it true that Motorola won't update
firmware for a phone that's just out of warranty?

I have a Motorola W755 cellphone and Motorola Phone Tools.

MPT can upload/download the contacts list and stuff like that, but it
doesn't update the phone firmware.

Motorola seems to have written their software update tool so that it won't
update your phone if it's even one day out of warranty!

Not that my Motorola W755 is obsolete; they still sell this phone new at
Costco, but because I've had it more than 1 year I can't update it to work
better with my earpiece!

If this is true, I give up on Motorola forever.

Apparently their idea was to force me to buy a new phone, which I will in
fact do, just not another Motorola.

But, before I make that decision, can you confirm what appears to me to be
the case?

Will Motorola not update firmware if the phone is 1 day past its 1-year
warranty expiration?

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