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Welcome to 8th Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition & Forum in China

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Datum: 09.04.2010 09:00
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The 8th International Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition & Forum (IMIE)
will be held in Tianjin, China during 8-10 June, 2010. IMIE has been
successfully held seven times since 2003, named as the most influential
and forward-looking brand exhibition. Over 500 exhibitors, covering
almost every mobile phone companies in the North-China and professional
purchasing and research & development personnel will be invited to this
exhibition in view of class one and two supporting enterprises of whole
set and other relevant electronic manufacturing. Nearly 100
authoritative media will report the exhibition comprehensively. At IMIE
2010, you can promote your products, company or technology to more than
30,000 visitors. Join now, you can enjoy 90% off.

Date: 8-10 June, 2010
Venue: Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center,

June 8th, 2010 			the 8th International Mobile Phone Industry Forum
IMIE2010 Global Purchasing Meeting
June 8th  10th, 2010 		Fair time
FREE Entrance and 2-days FREE accommodation for only visiting!

Exhibition Scope:
1, Operators and mobile terminals Section
2. Core module Section: mobile phone industry with the most advanced
3. Suppliers section: looking for huge business opportunities
4. Manufacturing industries

Standard booth (3m*3m): CNY 20,000 (About USD 2927)
Two-side-open booths: CNY 22,000 (About USD3220)
Blank area: CNY 2000/m2 (About 292,36m2 at least)
Note: Including one desk, two chairs, two spotlights, one plug, one
trash bean.
You will enjoy 10% discount if the payment is received by 31 March,

Accommodation For Free
You can enjoy 2-day accommodation (June 8th.-June 9th.2010) after
arrival in Tianjin, China!
We sincerely welcome your attendance. At the same time, we also will
hold several events like overseas purchasing meeting, 3G application
developments, Android Innovation and others. Events introduction will
be sent to you upon your request. If you have any question, pls send
E-mail to lori@co-soft.net


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