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Von: AndyHancock (andymhancock@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 18.04.2010 21:40
Message-ID: <2acc7a06-2fa8-426d-82fe-cc41a073a936@i12g2000vba.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.cellular-phone-tech alt.cellular alt.cellular.tech alt.cellular.alltel
I've been looking to make the leap from my old Palm organizers (Pilot,
Vx, and most recently, Clie). I have in one device: organizer,
cellphone, WiFi, dataplan access, GPS, streaming, media storage, and
maybe even a bit of office automation. I got to use an early model
iPod Touch from work and was completely hooked. However, it had really
tiny "tinny" speakers for appointment alarms. Current iPhones and iPod
Touches have real speakers, but the appointment reminders only ring
once. This is not usable cuz I often miss the 1st ring. Alternative
apps require either cloud hosting of data on remote servers (ie. not
my own) or sync over the air in an insecure way. I really want to sync
over either the PDA-to-PC cable or IR. Furthermore, syncing with M$
Office is essential.

Trying to eke out understanding from online comparisons of the leading
products hasn't really illuminated the situation. I was hoping to
solicit perspectives and comments on the options based on my
requirements, as articulated thus far. Other "requirements" (more like
desirables) is that I like iPod Touch's way of arbitrary zoom with
simple pinching, and it's uncanny ability to know what to zoom to when
I double-tap on a complex webpage with multiple columns/boxes.


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