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Rechargeable Backup Battery Pack for Mobile phones, MP4 players etc

Von: peteuk (peteuk.5fe2c89@mobile-forum.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 04.04.2010 07:56
Message-ID: <peteuk.5fe2c89@mobile-forum.co.uk>
Newsgroup: alt.cellular
I got a fantastic bit of kit and just wanted to share!

I had to do a handful of 17hr flights recently, and wanted a backup
battery for my Creative Zen MP4 player. it is dead handy for watching
films etc, but even though the battery life is great (4hrs watching
video) - obviously this would only do me for a quarter of the flight.

So i was looking for an external battery / charger for it. i looked
around for tech specs etc and did quite a search. in terms of size vs
charge capacity, i was only realistically expecting to find something
that gave me another four or five hours, to be honest.

Anyway, i bit the bullet and bought something called a Pines MP-530
battery pack. it costs £34.90 on Amazon and the link is he
'PINES Rechargeable Backup Battery Pack for Mobile: Amazon.co.uk:
Electronics & Photo' (http://tinyurl.com/ybfvysg)

It fits in your pocket, has tons of adapters etc - all the kind of thing
i expected. but what i did NOT expect was the performance.

I plugged it in to my Zen and left it playing videos continuously - i
wanted to see how much it extended the battery life. in the end, i had
to re-start my test because it just kept going and going. so i charged
it all up again and started over, listing every film it played and film

Impressive? well, the base battery life of the Zen is about 4 hrs. with
this little gadger attached, the battery life increased to... wait for
it... 23.5 hours!!! and that's not some manufacturers claim - that's me,
playing it on constant video with full volume to see how long it would

So - absolutely delighted with this bit of kit. i flew back the other
day, 17hr flight, and when i landed it still had 60% charge left (wasn't
watching vids constantly). i used to use a little charger that took 4 x
AAA batteries, and for that flight i would go through the Zen internal
battery, plus 3 sets of AAA batteries.

Not really one for posting reviews, recommendations etc - but this
little thing has impressed the hell out of me. i would happily have paid
double the price for it, if i'm honest. size, connectors etc - fine.
battery life? ****ing brilliant - "tick VG".

Main Product Features

- 4800mAh Li-Ion battery extends up to 16 hours of talk time (based on
mobile phone with 850mAh battery)
- iPhone can be charged 2-3 times (1400mAh battery), Nokia N95 Charge
3-4 times (1200mAh battery), iPod Charge over 15 times (350mAh
- Over 1 years standby charge, charging of the portable charger and
your device simultaneously, Built-in overcharge protection &
Short-circuit protection
- 10 different connection tips(for major brands) included. More tips
are available for purchase, if needed.
- Rechargable using several power sources (Mains/Car & USB power)

[image: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41XiXI1KYSL._SS400_.jpg]


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