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About temptation to doubt God

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Devotional Guide For the Week of May 2, 2010


About temptation to doubt God

To Know:

³On the twentieth day of the second month of the second year, the cloud
lifted from above the tabernacle of the Testimony. Then the Israelites set
out from the Desert of Sinai and traveled from place to place and the cloud
came to rest in the Desert of Paran. They set out, this first time, at the
Lord¹s command through Moses.² (Nu.10: 11)

In 1997, a group from the Byfield Parish Church followed the footsteps of
Paul through Greece and Turkey. Because my wife and I had been in these
places before, we were able to anticipate the problems our company would
encounter. One difficulty would be the lack of food plazas on the highway.
On long bus rides between places like Ephesus and Laodicea, folk would be
famished. Also, crossing the border between Greece and Turkey could become
an ordeal. Knowing that hunger could make an otherwise enjoyable passage
stressful, my wife packed an extra bag filled with snacks. As far as the
potential strife at the border crossing, we mentally prepared our companions
to expect a delay caused by close scrutiny. The God, who arranged the line
of march for Israel and led the way in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire
by night, certainly knew in advance all that would befall the people.

Like Israel of old, we are walking toward the promised day. When we trust
Jesus Christ we are travelling in his triumphant train. Paul wrote, ³But
thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and
through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.² (2
Cor. 2:14) Numbers shows us that over and again the Israelites were tempted
to doubt God. We who walk the way of Jesus Christ will also be tempted. The
author of Hebrews issued this warning: ³So as the Holy Spirit says, ŒToday,
if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the
rebellion, during the time of testing in the desert, where your fathers
tested and tried me and for forty years saw what I did, That is why I was
angry with that generation, and I said, ŒTheir hearts are always going
astray, and they have not known my ways.¹ So I declared on oath in my anger,
ŒThey shall never enter my rest.¹²  (3:7-11)



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