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eats respires and replicates...

Von: Timothy Sutter (a202010@lycos.com) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 15:08
Message-ID: <4C08FACE.10F2@lycos.com>
Newsgroup: alt.christnet alt.discordia alt.timothy.suttertalk.religion.misc
so, what you'd like to say is
that this 'thing/organism'

eats respires and replicates

and proceed to chop it down to
the smallest 'thing/organism'
that eats respires and replicates

and find out what 'bit' of 'it'

if removed, will prevent this 'thing/organism'
from continuing to eat respire and replicate.

but, you may also find that there are more than
one 'site' which, if removed, will 'kill' the 'organism'

so, that's teh backward regression,

and now, you'd like to say;

"this is the very smallest 'organism'

that can eat respire and replicate,

and then, find a way of having components of -it-

self assemble in aqueaous solution.

and now your back to the "phantom mechanism" again

as, without doubt, if the components do -not-

eat respire and replicate

the chances if these components

self assembling as -in-

the process of replication

is nil.

if you chop away the component that

facillitates assembly of replicants

then it ain't gunna self assemble from scratch...

end game...

y'ain't got 'it'


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