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Iam Legion, for we are many...

Von: Timothy Sutter (a202010@lycos.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.06.2010 15:39
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"Frankenstein made him from dead bodies"

i just think there is a funny parallel

between the so-called 'maniac'

of the gadarenes and Jesus

like, the maniac guy says;

"i am legion, for we are many"

and, then, Jesus casts out his legion of demons

and 2000 some odd pigs run and drown themselves

but then, at the Day of Pentacost,

after Jesus ascends into the heavenlies

the Holy Spirit falls down on about 5000 people

sort of like baptized in the Spirit and Fire

i'm not saying they're identical

it's just a strange parallel

cuz like, baptism in water

is sort of like being drowned

and resurrected

but just remember, the Holy Spirit fell down

on some who had -not- been baptized in water,

and then they just say;

"who can -forbid- water?"

amnd then there's the thing that some people

who were alive right after Pentacost and in

the days of the early 'church'

were _born_ -before- Jesus was crucified

and so, they are born part of the 'old world'

which is drowned in the baptismal flood

but most of us, i dare say all of us,

were born -after- Jesus was crucified.

born -into- the 'new world'

and still, the Primary baptism

is that immersion in the Holy Spirit

for without the Spirit,

you are -none- of His.

and -in- The Spirit,

you are a New Creation

wherein righteousness dwells

it's still strange though, cuz

the pigs go and drown themselves.

there's a parallel there

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