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close call...

Von: Timothy Sutter (a202010@lycos.com) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 12:56
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i know one thing, in football

is the receiver is 'bobbling' the ball

as he touches the out of bounds line,

it is not a catch.

looking at the -still- images,
make it seem as if the call
is clearly bad,

but, the first basemen -is- ' bobbling' the ball
in his glove as the runner meets first base

the ball hits the first basemen's glove at the very tip

and that is where teh still image starts and finishes

but, you can see how the ball bobbles around in his glove

and he makes a sort of 'jai lai' action with his glove

to gain full control of the ball

-as- the runner meets first base.

and so, it's practically a 'tie'

and tie goes to tehrunner.

the ump usually looks at the foot of the runner
and listens for the sound of the ball hitting the glove.

he looks and listens.

the ball makes no real sound when

it hits the very tip of the glove

and the ump is watching the foot of the runner.

evidently, he sees the foot hit the bag

before he hears a clear impact of ball and glove.

so, depending on what you call "full control" of the ball

it doesn't -really- look as if the first basemen

has "full control" of the ball before

the foot of the runner hits the bag.

you can't just look at the still image

he's definitely bobbling the ball

as the runner hits the bag.

it bounces in his glove

he doesn't have "full control"

as the foot hits the bag.


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