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grape leaves...

Von: Timothy Sutter (a202010@lycos.com) [Profil]
Datum: 05.06.2010 21:57
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well, i bought the grape leaves a few weeks ago

they come in a bottle, blanched and brined

so, i had been planning to make stuffed grape leaves.

not really an ambition, but more like dinner

and so, the other day, i took a few blobs of

ground beef that were in the freezer out, and

let them thaw. the execution of the plan was underway.

yes i can eat meat if i want to eat meat,

Jesus says it's ok, even if the same breath of life

that courses through the critters courses through me,

but Jesus isn't holding this against me.

the life is Jesus' anyway.

Jesus sees death through a different pair of glasses

cuz Jesus tasted it as he swallowed it whole

and death is subsumed in Life

but if and when you can get a lion to eat wheat,

more power to yuh

i'm certain this will happen...


so, i took the blobs of ground beef,

added a raw egg and smooshed it up with my bare hands

then i threw in some bread crumbs, bought from the store

these come with some condiments already in them

tossed in some dried parsley mint and garlic

smooshed some more

and added a bit of chopped onion and a little water,

some worcetershestershire sauce and some bitters

oh, oh, and about a half a cup of raw rice

smooshed up real good

took the grape leaves out of the bottle,

carefully so as not to rip them up,

cuz they were stuffed in the bottle

rinsed them off good

and sat down at my little table

and set the leaves out and

grabbed globs of the meat

and placed a blob at the end of the leaf

near the stem and rolled them up towards

the tip of the leaf.

this is did over and over until i had

rolled up about two dozen or so.

i covered the bottom of the pot with some extra

grape leaves and set the rolled up stuffed leaves

in one by one making about two good layers

i then poured in about a cup and a half

of beef booulion broth and a bit of water

and covered the batch with some last remaining leaves

and set two plates on the whole bit to hold them down

while they simmered at boiling temperatures

for about 45 minutes.

they're cooling now,

and i'm planning to siphon off the liquid

and set the stuffed leaves aside for later

and make a sauce from some of the liquid

and two eggs and some lemon juice.

i had also planned to go get some pita bread,

and i executed this plan with acrity and alacrity.

so, part of -that- plan is coming to fruition

and many of my =other= plans are equally sound.

all just -part- of my mysterious plan

for the days ahead...

tomorrow has many things in store.

hope is alive and well

and so am i...


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