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FA/FS Books, Lenox, Nuttings, Watercolor, Thermometer, 1938 Flashlight, postcard, tins, and more books (paperbacks, and HC & all vintage)

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Datum: 08.05.2010 16:47
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Off Limits Habe FE Vtg GGA Sleaze Paperback German Occu May-02-10
360258888470  $4.95
One by One Vtg GGA Sleaze Pulp Fiction FE Paperback 409 May-02-10
230469770428  $4.95
Vtg Art Pottery Green Flower Wall Pocket Mint Unsigned May-02-10
230469770536  $19.95
Vtg Blue Ridge 5.5" Grace Pitcher Signed Floral Mint US May-02-10
230469770661  $39.95
Vtg Depression Glass American Sweetheart Creamer Sugar May-02-10
360258888745  $14.95
Vtg Lenox Porcelain Cat Figurine USA Gold Stamp Mint May-02-10
230469771284  $9.95
Vtg Wallace Nutting Signed Print Enticing Waters May-02-10
360258889183  $49.95
Vtg Water Color Painting Pritcher Golf Course NJ 1908 May-02-10
360258889263  $49.95
Vtg Wolfschmidt's Vodka Advertising Thermometer WORKS! May-02-10
230469772362  $19.95
Vtg Undivided RPPC Grand Hotel Calcutta India Postcard May-03-10
230470081095  $9.95
Vtg Sci-Fi Paperback Encounter Hunter FE Sci-Fi 240 May-03-10
360259186930  $4.95
Vtg Sci-fi Ace 05653 Paperback Beyond Furtherest Star May-03-10
230470171327  $4.95
Jeffrey Coal Mining Handbook 380 Cleaver 2nd Ed May-03-10
360259187257  $22.95
Murder Can't Wait Stokes Vtg Graphic Mystery Paperback May-05-10
230471036381  $4.95 0
Vintage 1938 Eveready Metal Flash Light 5"L Case #2605 May-05-10
360259836044  $9.95
Vtg Agatha Christie And Then There Were None Paperback May-05-10
360259836055  $4.95
Vtg Ballantine Books Business Paperback VG Power Prize May-07-10
230471846832  $4.95
Vtg Naked Eye 770 Pocket Book Mystery FE Paperback May-05-10
230471036688  $7.95
Vtg Verkade Biscuit Tin Zandam Holland Chocolate Wafers May-05-10
230471036813  $9.95
Vtg Unused RPPC Maraval Reservoir Trinidad BWI Postcard May-05-10
230471036904  $4.95
Vtg Small 5.5" Nekked Remco Girl Doll May-07-10 360260426510
Vtg TWA Paris RPPC Advertising Postcard Unused Litho May-05-10
360259836167  $4.95
Unused RPPC Postcard Poynings District Dyke Brighton May-05-10
230471037022  $4.95
Canonsburg Pottery Blue Ridge Skyline Gravy Boat MINT May-04-10
230470607499  $9.95
Lovely 5" Capodimonte While & Purple Cattelya Orchid May-04-10
360259505134  $9.95
Vintage Blue Ridge 8.5" Plate Swamp Mallow on Colonial May-04-10
230470607572  $9.95
Vtg Peite Fruit Salad Plate Plums Blue Ridge Pottery May-04-10
230470607616  $9.95
Vtg Peite Fruit Salad Plate Peach Blue Ridge Pottery May-04-10
230470607692  $9.95
1938 Pamphlet History Communist Manifest Lenin Institut May-07-10
360260426457  $9.95
Vtg Signet 824 State Fair GGA Sleaze Paperback VG May-07-10
230471846808  $4.95
Vtg Paperback Walk Wild Side Algren Crest d496 May-07-10
230471846936  $4.95
Vtg Paperback VG Able McLaughlins Civil War May-07-10 230471846957
$4.95 0 --

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