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ordering the whole animal -sbk

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 12.07.2009 23:18
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By the way, I ordered Bird from a Chinese Restaurant.  It had
everything on it to my surprise..and with a few women there i had to
suck my guts up and be a man..to dare to eat it though it looked
disgusted and I expected something better.. And the funny thing is,
every time they serve the whole animal, it usually looks like it is at
peace..with those glassy eyes.. and that plastic gentle expression..
so the question was, how do I eat this?  Where do I begin..so I took a
bite of the head then the tail..it was genuinely horrible..and the
bird's head was in my intestine horrified about the frightening
reality that it was in my stomach like a camera probing device..

-sEung b. Kim

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