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Datum: 17.07.2009 20:45
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With all politicians like all men, there are closet spaces.  Janet
Reno's closet had several doors to it.. door after door like layer
after layer of lies.. This is no different.  The new Attorney
appointed before they could make a sales disclaimer (she was right
before the cash register but now you lost your chance!) had her
secrets guised with sematics and good intentions.  I myself was going,
"That's the Spirit!"  Until I discovered that Gary Bauher did the same
thing, a man of courage reduced to a posterchild for Campbell's soup
due to the price of someone else's bed.  Well, lies lies lies.. you
claim you never lied?  Then you are thus lying to cover up your lies..
No one can walk the tight rope at all times.. if you say you have
never faultered, you are either an extremist with the clock ticking or
a Buddhist waiting for the karma cops to take him to nirvana.  In any
case, I find a common thread between this and Clinton's past record of
lying.  Semantics is the game they play to acoustically manuever in
the dark, and to jump through flaming hoola hoops to keep that false
look of dignity up at all times..

by Seung Bum Kim

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