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"I'm Dying Up Here - Heartbreak and High Times in Comedy's Golden Era"

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Datum: 19.09.2009 17:14
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(HuntingtonNews.net) - William Knoedelseder's "I'm Dying Up
Here" (Amazon.com: http://xrl.us/DyingUpHere ) is an
important contribution to America's cultural history -- and
it's a helluva good read by an outstanding reporter.

Knoedelseder was present at the creation of what could be
called the Comedy Camelot. He was a reporter at the Los
Angeles Times who socialized with the likes of Richard
Lewis, Andy Kaufman, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Elayne
Boosler, Robin Williams, Tom Dreesen, Tim Reid and many

Continued: http://xrl.us/DyingUpHere2

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