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A Bard's Tale -by sEung b. Kim (king of the stories)

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Datum: 22.10.2009 03:18
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Ego consciousness.. it is your retarded ego talking.  Here's a story..

A man is of faint heart.  He prefers to be in chains so he can taste
his own sweetness of sorrow and to become the degraded humiliated
servant of God.  He cannot cope with freedom, for he is too weak..so
he is wrapped up in his chains so he can be sweet.  A man's will for
the foolish heart will not work for himself but work against
himself..in the loss of ego masculinity appears in the strongest
form.. I did this dude a favor by killing him.. and as such he passed
a sword to me so I could kill the dudes I hated the most.. so he kept
on killing me again and again..and each time my ego revived I used the
sword on my enemies to slay them again perpetually to cause pain
without reward since the ego heals and foolishness reappears.. it is
unusual that in wisdom one is silent and in foolishness one is witty..
you can have the best of both worlds only if you are a Bard.. a Bard's
tale is about his immortality in the face of forces that are afraid of
him.. a Bard is a rare creature.. this is for the biggest brains on
Earth.. a Bard has no ego.. and has much talent in wits.. they called
Shakesphere the Bard..Letterman only feigned his role as the Bard..
having both wisdom and wit, something new emerges.. something so
powerful it cannot die..he is unwilling to flee and he takes what he
wants regardless of the primordial threats.. he does not even fucking
care..he is a juggernaut that if his head were to explode he would
still be walking the Earth as the Bard..this is the only place
spiritual intelligence can exist..a Bard remains thus the bard..

A Bard's Tale -by sEung b. Kim

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