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*caution* you just might die.. -sbk

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 17.10.2009 03:38
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I went through a day of program to join the Retards in class.  Wesley
is a foolish old man.  And Jaime is the fricking Wall proportionate to
his height which is proportionate to the size of his intelligence..
lol.. I mean, some of them are Okay..but they don't speak out
generally.  Anyways, I will go there without really being bothered by
this.. Jaime is the Hussein of my Life.. Speaking through their
fucking Egos, these dumb fuckers with no talent and less
brains..lol..speaking through their retarded Egos.. hey, you're pretty
funny.. Can I shit on your Face?  I'd rather be with the idiot
generation.. Jeremy is a punk and often he's a ponk..there's a mild
difference there.. Jeremy is king of the shtheap..or so he calls
himself that.. I wanna send these fuckers a letterbomb.. if possible..
but one uses the laptop and it can only work through fiber optics and
my ingenuity..so he's safe..  Hey, I don't want them to feel bad about
this.. I don't really even care.. Jaime resorts to the underhand
toss.. he's the main boss of the recent PS2 game Get Up!.. I bet he's
under control as he reads this.. I choose not to associate with these
people.. it's a cheap attempt at showing off.. whatever you call me,
same to you X infinity... lol.. it means more to be quiet in
situations like these.. still WAters often run deep.. I'm usually more
thoughtful than this.. but when it comes to morons like this, you
gotta have them at a certain distance.. I will no longer associate
with these 3 retards.. not like we were really close at all.. but it
feels great to kick them around.. by the way, come over this Xmas and
let's grind at Yakiniku's.. I dunno if Jill's bleeding on me.. she
probably is bleeding all over the place.. but she's the smartest one
there.. so I offer only her a kind smile.. while these other lamers
there are like trolls under a bridge eating a goat's leg.. and that
pisses me off.. Jaime on the otherhand, is a downright niggr.. in 2012
he will be one of the niggrs to die thru the black

-sEung b. Kim

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