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God is Dead once again (post capitalism rise after 9/11)

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 23.10.2009 13:24
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God is Dead - aka we Killed Him... Jeepers Creepers (JC = jesus
Christ) when you inject the needle into the hammond you destroy parts
of God.. Nietzsche said God is Dead due to Capitalism or the rise of
Capitalism and the fact that humans become more advanced in industry
till it created the Absurd condition in God.. now God's been dead
several times in history when he made a Great Appearance in 9/11.. and
by self blasphemy by sinning God is destroyed by his own Word.. the
Word fucks up the Word as well when this happens..until the Word
degenerates God into a retard with less intelligence than Jerry's
kids. and when he springs up, it was made that what springs up as it
enlarges it becomes increasingly inferior..from shit to bigger shit
which is a progression into being worse than shit itself and his power
to only make his brains smaller as his sole power, then leads the Word
to condemn God as a retard who is in fact a hammond (Zappa)..and being
worse now than a hammond the Word further condemns God and then he
becomes an object.  Whereby if NASA were to find his carcass.. they
could use it to make the God Machines.. or computers so advance that
they would not only be alive as Gods in digital form, but to be able
to torture it in video games designed where the One True God is in the
simulation being tortured by Street Fighter characters..

by sEung b. Kim (aka we killed him Again! thanks to Carlin who is safe

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