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Edwin and his Rising Status -sbk

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Datum: 23.10.2009 04:11
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Edwin had a car but he didn't know how to drive it.. it had 3 wheels
and it resembled a tricycle.  People thought he was stupid but those 3
wheels were the stuff of legend.  It could crush Ford trucks by
jumping on them with genius in the suspension.  The nggrs soon began
to realize that this was the car of choice.. "Dem niggrs have much
potential.. we take that car and paint it black.."  The nggrs
rejoiced.. And the nggrs being nggr made a car with five wheels..
Edwin said, what's with the 5 wheels.. "You a stupid boy man?? the 5th
wheel is to add grip, ya dumbfuck!"  Edwin then realized how to remain
permanently holding his dick in his hand.. And he made the nggr
equation --> W[a,c,ngr] C ngr where root of nggr is sht plus and sht
plus > W/2  in which the centr of sht > tan W and sht -> sht-r^2
inf. where circumference is the 5th wheel...

Edwin and his Rising Status -by sEung b. Kim

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