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do you want my dic*?

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 11.10.2009 20:33
Message-ID: <015697ab-2aa9-4001-b4c3-69fbeda2b82a@i12g2000prg.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.comedy alt.writing alt.fiction.interactive
Your dick glows in the dark so you can jack off late at night.. Your
momma asked me what I wanted for dessert.. I said, I wanted Her.. if
you want dick call me at this number --> 619-420-4333.. I sound pretty
tough so you'll recognize me.. Call only if you are beautiful, have
big boobs, and an awesome ass.. if you have big fat pussy, don't
call.. but foremost you gotta have a pussy..so I can lick it..
anyways, bi..

-sEung b. Kim

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