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Fart bomb #44 -sbk

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 21.10.2009 16:12
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Fart bomb #44 is when you do it, not between the hymns but outloud and
in a classroom full of geniuses.  It fucks their senses up, and if
they inhale deep enough their brains get flattened completely.. so one
must get rid of the exigency of foolishness..in which one must silence
himself in order to lay low instead of his head being detected with a
open periscope.. having done nothing wrong, there is no need to be
silent..but being the fool, I must drop the exigency of my retarded
ways by admitting one's retarded ways and heading straight to the

-sEung b. Kim

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