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Works of Mad genius -by sEung b. Kim

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 17.12.2009 22:28
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I got into the alternate computer but I got logged out by accidentally
pushing the End Session button, so I got locked out of my own account
in 10 seconds.. where I had to get back in..never happened to my own
computer..but they say if I get locked out of my own computer by
forgetting a password, I have to pay to get back in..lol..  Jesus, we
know as much as fish..lol.. how to you put 10,000 gods, 20 dicks, 3
cunts, 4 royal meals at a big white house table and the 3 specific
demons of love and hate together?  Just add instant water.  me and 2
boys did triple penetration.. so it was well worth it though.. in
Great times, we have just as much knowledge as fish.. and the value of
a proposition is in how interesting it is not how true it is if it is
boring.. but the value of a proposition that is true is that you can
make nuclear warheads out of it.. I enjoy my cellphone.. I go through
dense terrain through it.. I add Biblical level works in my LG
cellphone.. another way of putting God's Head on a stick.. I don't
like the taste of God.. his snuff bores me.. but I like a nice
cigarette and a nice meal..humble foods..not ambrosia or food of the
Gods..what's the point in rotating around someone?  what's the point
of impressing people?  You are so ignorant you are bliss.. so remain
that way so you don't suffer..

-by sEung b. Kim

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