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Tekken 1-21 -sbk

Von: Deadspeak2 (kims072@hawaii.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 16.12.2009 00:24
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Tekken 1-21

In the midst of a Village, a Man stood on the edge of town like an
Earthquake, state of the Art so to fuck with them he would rule with
his ignition.  What is this? "It's Earthquake in Midair, Man..
earthquake in Mid-air.."  estimating that randomness will fuck your
plans, evidence weighted, we're prepared to raise Hell.. Cause I'm the
doctor and proctology is my game..useless cadaver.. is life just a
state of physical existance?  notice as I slowly chain you to a
ceiling with your arms stretched in the manner of a cross by rope..
Jesus built my Hotrod, man!

-by sEung b. Kim

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