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Jokes on Religious Nonsense -by Seung Bum Kim

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Datum: 20.01.2010 21:28
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The beautiful people.
The Beautiful people
She said hi on the bus
Called her a moron
And then God came into her
And she attacked me with a knife!
It's all as atomic as the size of your Steeple
Yeah, you are quite the looker..
so is TJ Hooker..
I used to love this town
But when i was thrown away
I used an atom bomb..

Grab form with your main will
The righthand will
And show me your warface
Or shall I do slapstick and cover my tracks
To re-emerge later..

I used to be friends with the dude who made glue for envelopes.. Yeah,
he was the firstbringer of the Devil.. and the glue got so friggin'
strong that I smashed his face in.. I'm not a slave to a God that
doesn't exist.. the invisible man.. we got fingers of God called
cops.. who put the added reality there?  Isn't pain in itself cruel
all by itself even if it is a game??  why did this dude put ultimate
reality there?  I was told about a purple assed babboon sent to the
ministries and everyone paniced and ran, not only from the purple
babboon but from God who would kill you if he touched the purple
babboon's ass.. because of God I am stuck on isms.. truisms.. stuck on
isms..  is the red haired lady really a true red head?  who cares?
tastes like a red-head must be a red head.. from sht to sht plus..
evolution doesn't work to those ends.. it takes a hurdling athelete to
do it..but who put the hurdles there?  quentin was found jacking off
to liberace..he had one hand on the piano and the other one grasping
his pole..can the left hand beguile the righthand on the piano or is
it synchronized? revelations.. you will die.. then why bother living
to wait till it happens? stuck on isms.. pride is a boring muther out
to get his respects.. respect is when you respect yourself enough to
ignore those sons of bitches.. Gesus was a humble man..on the big
scene on the Cross why didn't God answer?  he wanted a broader
audience.. anyways, curious George loves to play with his prick.. the
secret of the apple..yeah, nature kept it a secret from God..but he
always wants to check it out and play it back on film..by the way, I
am interested in my role in life and he who directs the story of my
life.. but I just can't seem to find the Director..where the hell is

Jokes on Religious Nonsense - by Seung Bum Kim

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