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Boxing Match of the Century - by Seung B. Kim cat o' nine tails

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Datum: 20.01.2010 21:38
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I had a boxing match with 3 gorillas.. I had 20 special moves and I
divided it by 3 to produce 6 moves with two left over for the
finale..the gorillas were on my ass.. they were trying to corner me on
the corner post.. I conceived a plan.. all this karate/kungfu nonsense
doesn't work.. because while I performing the moves in sequence, the
dudes went straight for the jugular.. but i couldn't win strength upon
strength because these gorillas had mean muscles.. so I kicked them in
the balls and then they ended up in his brains.. making their heads
big like Arthur c. Clarke's final product of evolution after God is
dead..then those on front row seats who had their blood splatter on
them began to take liberties and entered the ring match with the 2
remaining gorillas..since they were subdued..I told them wait.. here's
a nasty knife.. I'm gonna take it nice and slow here.. then God was in
the Stadium trying to fuck with everyone for being unlawful.. he was
in the stadium but they continued frugally to participate in the game
cuz they didn't care.. and as he was in the Stadium only the retards
looked at him in awe..where popped their eyes out with the Word.. and
their suicidal practice of humility that long repressed content of
axemurder came to the surface as they attacked God himself who was so
double crossed he attacked them and died of a cardiac arrest..

Boxing Match of the Century - by Seung Bum Kim

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