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helmet Law and fists - a story and Words of the wise - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Humans have evolved to their current state, stuck on their current
state. Until they through cracking into secrets of the psyche found a
way to screw minds over psychically. The most powerful psychic
exterminator was Godwin. He was hailed for having a tremendous talent
for doing Evil. He much desired himself however, making it clear he
wasn't even In.. Being as dangerous as he was, they braced his head
and strapped him to a chair.. He didn't complain of the problems with
being stuck in this situation just due to his powers of the Mind.. but
as he strained to destroy that metal shield, bit by bit it broke..and
he attacked the doctors..he held one straight into the head like a gun
bitching to be fired there..so he called the security guards to set
him free.. and he took off feeling more Alive than ever..they put
solutions in him to prevent a spree of brain damage. But his powers
remain intact and he used a scapegoat to do his work in an abandoned
grasshack for the practical purpose of teaching people that the
expedition was in the spirit.. as children practiced this, they had no
use for their brains anyways so it little mattered.. but the gauntlet
was in doing the most infamous slaughter of the world's brains.. as
people who had chicken brains swifted such attacks..and those who
faced up to it became juggernauts.. unstoppable.. and ready to smack
sense into the head..and it not only made them humble their ways..it
made their senses clear up like bad sinuses cleared up by respirators.
People dropped their books.. they ate like animals.. and they engaged
in sex like animals.. "Hey, the best parts of you are gone..get away
fool.." 'But I beg to differ, even yours will be gone sooner or
later..' And he apologized as he took off..they couldn't break glass
or bend metal.. so a man who suffered brain death chiselled a techno-
neurological device and implanted it in his head..he was having a
neuromance. His eyes operated like parts of a robot..his face was half-
torn..and he enjoyed the luxury of getting into fights since
technology is more durable and rugged than the soft machine. While
others simply didn't care, knowing the vulnerabilities of the flesh
and compensed themselves with drugs..one must be well-provisioned, no?

The Defeat of Mental Narcissism - a story on scanners - by Seung Bum

"When dealing with an intellectual, aim for the Head.." - Woodey Allen

I am envisioning a world where it doesn't matter if you are a great
swimmer..there are millions of great swimmers struggling to find the
gauntlet. Where the swimmers dodge the sharks and the swordfish
risking everything by being in the sea itself. There are other vast
numbers of great swimmers..billions of them.. but some of them remain
stuck on stupid.. so when they get their brains smashed in by whales
they move from room A to room B.. being stuck on stupid, once they get
their brains smashed in they are no longer stuck on stupid.. how did
you get this dude into room B? answer: Fists.

Fists - by Seung Bum Kim

when a wiseman -sbk

When a Wiseman sees the Pitfalls around him.. He Stands Still.. -sbk

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