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joke on the Marines - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews)

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Datum: 09.04.2010 18:27
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I had a duffel bag with all my stuff in it.. 3 years of f***ing work
down the drain.. but I got money on my credit card jacket so I would
please myself in the mirror of my heart..being pragmatic paid off,
because now I am thin and more able to deal with the sht before
me..paradoxically losing the bag made me a winner in time..unlike
these hunger artists who can't even take a fig and eat it so that they
kiss their precious destiny.. and we need more safe dead right?
anaesthized by the rage in my heart against assholes I was on a quest
to screw all.. anaesthized by the wings with adrenalie injected in
Angel Michael, i let him down hard because there was a bullseye on the
heel so we said cut the bullcrap michael..Die now..feel no more.. "And
enjoy your retirement.."

-by Seung Bum Kim

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