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Digg, Shmigg.bozo08.06.10
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Survey says what?lab~rat >:-)04.06.10
note to self:bozo03.06.10
Press Release: I Had a Pet Frog, a very funny p...Ron K03.06.10
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List of ideas and products to plug and clean gu...bozo01.06.10
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Preparation H® with whole kernels of cornbozo31.05.10
Different Strokes 2010Pensandpad31.05.10
Why did they call the show Different Strokes? ...Pensandpad31.05.10
Who gets top-billing in gay porn with ...bozo31.05.10
Gary Coleman dies at age 42Pensandpad29.05.10
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Obama Solidified Himself As The New, Black, (On...The Late And Gre...29.05.10
I used to pay $3.99 a minute to hear somebody s...bozo28.05.10
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Breaking Bad jumps sharkOllieNorthie@aol.com24.05.10
Did you know "McDonald's is the leading supplie...bozo23.05.10
I got the 'immortality' herb ... this fat clown...bozo23.05.10
A man and his dog...Beyond One21.05.10
A machine has a manual option, that's when you ...Beyond One21.05.10
Please Bret Michaels, don't die.Pensandpad21.05.10
"When a guy can't get his 'wah-hee-nay' to put ...bozo12.05.10
Re: Famous people that I've met and some I know...Pensandpad09.05.10
seriously, how do you gauge your material as 'f...bozo09.05.10
I'm not worried about my teenager being a drug ...ghammer07.05.10
I don't receive enough praise when I write a go...Pensandpad07.05.10
"You Say Tomatos, I Say Ainus"bozo05.05.10
Meyerhold's BiomechanicsArt04.05.10
I like to sneak into the movies. I've sneaked ...Pensandpad04.05.10
I like to sneak into the movies. I've sneaked ...Pensandpad04.05.10
Ultimate Fighting -- Moustache Division -- Chuc...bozo04.05.10
OT: I have no freaking clue what this ad is fo...lab~rat >:-)03.05.10
Mobile home loiving is great.ghammer03.05.10
Hairclub for Menbozo02.05.10
My sister's taking a stand up class...lab~rat >:-)22.04.10
How come there's no good quiz jokes about telev...bozo11.04.10
Why doesn't my HMO cover my bar tab.ghammer11.04.10