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Discussing British comic 2000AD and related issues.

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Tharg: "Dredd 2 is official!"Phantom scojocupcake13.05.10
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New Statesman: Where Comic Art Inspires RealityCharles E Hardwidge09.02.10
Aliens Vs PredatorPhantom scojocupcake08.02.10
Time...SighFigh... Aaaaa...07.02.10
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wired.com interview with Alan MooreSighFi04.01.10
The Restricted Files Volume 2?erith romycin04.01.10
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OT Airforce AfghanistanCarl20.12.09
Will games always have buggy releases? -- Games...Charles E Hardwidge16.12.09
Prog 2010Carl15.12.09
OT, but some interesting stuff.Carl12.12.09
Lawmaster to lead British Engineering Revival?Charles E Hardwidge11.12.09
Britain to Get Dedicated Space AgencyCharles E Hardwidge11.12.09
Riding the TIGA: Chancellor Rejects Corporate W...Charles E Hardwidge09.12.09
Chopper is a PussyCharles E Hardwidge09.12.09
£29,161,250Charles E Hardwidge09.12.09
I wonder if Rebellion will ever make another 20...Phantom scojocupcake08.12.09
Rebellion's Jason Kingsley declares war on Aust...Phantom scojocupcake07.12.09
Back Progs free to good homeMattL06.12.09
Rebellion's Alien Versus Predator Banned in Aus...Charles E Hardwidge05.12.09
W-A-S-S-U-PCharles E Hardwidge30.11.09
S*H*I*T*T*E*RCharles E Hardwidge30.11.09
D*E*L*E*T*ECharles E Hardwidge30.11.09
What does the P in PM stand for?Phantom scojocupcake26.11.09
Gavin Hanley, owner of 2000AD Review, plesae re...Phantom scojocupcake23.11.09
Daft comment of the week!Phantom scojocupcake22.11.09
Droid Life poster surprise!A.Cow21.11.09
Judge Dredd has lost its wayPhantom scojocupcake21.11.09
Price rise for 2000AD and JD Meg?Phantom scojocupcake20.11.09
OT: The PrisonerCharles E Hardwidge19.11.09
Shakara.... NO!SighFi17.11.09
OT: Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2Charles E Hardwidge12.11.09
OT MotörheadCarl10.11.09
Last year or soH. Barker09.11.09
PROG 1661Carl07.11.09
Glimmer RatsCarl04.11.09