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Gotham Pulp Collectors Club meeting notice

Von: Phantom21 (phantom21@mindspring.com) [Profil]
Datum: 09.08.2007 06:19
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The Gotham Pulp Collectors Club is meeting this Saturday, August 11th.

When: 1 to 4 PM (sometimes we don't actually end till 5PM)
Where: The Hudson Park Library, 66 Leroy Street, Manhattan, West Village

We talk pulps, some bring some issues from their collection to show around,
show recent acquisitions, etc.  Sometimes we have pulp related movies or tv

If you're interested in pulps, items related to pulps or things that
had/have  pulp influence, come to the meeting.

The meeting is free.

Any questions, post them in the alt.pulp group.


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