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Comic price value misprint?

Von: jim karl (rocknroller@comcast.net) [Profil]
Datum: 21.01.2008 02:04
Message-ID: <m9mdnc0W_rW2cg7anZ2dnUVZ_qqgnZ2d@comcast.com>
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I has a 1960's Amazing Spiderman comic, issue #76 ("The lizard Lives")
with an unusual price misprint on it. Instead the the usual 15 cents  it
says "1/-" in the price field (without the quotes). Is this a typical
misprint? Specific to this issue or others? What is the value of this
comic with this specific misprint? If this is unusual I'd expect it to
be higher, but I have no idea of the value. I searched the net for
information but couldn't find any examples, so I turn to you guys since
there are probably some experts in here. Thanks!.


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