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Subscribing to comics

Von: Alric Knebel (alric@cableone.net) [Profil]
Datum: 04.05.2008 21:32
Message-ID: <ZOOdnTtkQN7KkoPVnZ2dnUVZ_qrinZ2d@giganews.com>
Newsgroup: rec.arts.comics.dc.universe alt.comics alt.comics.batman
I've decided I'm going to subscribe to some comic books, especially
Batman.  I have several questions I'd like to ask you guys.

The first one and the most important one is, when these comics are
shipped, what is the packaging like that preserves their neatness.  I
subscribe to THE ROLLING STONE, and sometimes that cover isn't in the
best shape by the time it gets here.  Now, it's TRS, and I'm not
collecting them, so I really don't care.  But I have a different
affection for comic books.  I treat them the same way I do any other
book, and I like them to remain neat, as near pristine as possible.  I
have some paperbacks that if you didn't see the crease on the spine, you
wouldn't even know they'd been read.  I don't do that intentionally,
it's just that I'm naturally neat.  I only have a couple of comic books
at this point, but I love Batman in particular.  I want to both read
them and collect them.  So, in short, how are they shipped to guarantee
a good condition?  Or is that even a concern for the publisher, and if
you want to collect them, their theory is that you should run down to
the local comic book store?

Second question.  The last time I read a whole multi-issue story was
back in the 90s.  But this particular Batman story covered about three
months, and was in all of the comics each month in which Batman was the
featured character.  It must have been spread over, like, twenty
magazines.  I think it was over three different magazines.  Is that a
thing normally done, so that if I want to guarantee the complete story,
I should just go ahead and subscribe to all the titles featuring Batman?

And the last question is directly related to the previous question.
What are all the Batman magazines published each month?  (I'm not
interested in Justice League; I prefer the universes didn't touch.)

I'm also interested The Green Lantern.  He's not published in multiple
titles each month, is he?

Thank you in advance, guys.

Alric Knebel


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