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Stephen King and Scott Snyder give "American Vampire" an evolutionary twist

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Datum: 29.10.2009 15:36
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(USA Today) - When Scott Snyder first imagined a comic series based on
the idea of vampire evolution, he wasn't planning on Stephen King's
involvement. Now, as "American Vampire" prepares to launch, Snyder
finds himself explaining how the master of horror committed to writing
half of the series' first story arc  five monthly installments that
debut in March 2010.

Up to this point in his career, Snyder, 33, had been known primarily
for his acclaimed short-story collection, "Voodoo Heart" (Amazon.com:
http://xrl.us/VoodooHeart ). So how hard was the leap from prose to
comic book writing and how exactly did King get involved with the
project? USA TODAY's John Geddes recently spoke to the author about
the new series..

Continued: http://xrl.us/AmericanVampire

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