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Gotham Pulp Collectors Club

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Datum: 08.01.2008 12:58
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The Gotham Pulp Collectors Club with have it's next meeting this Saturday,
January 12, 2008.

Where: Hudson Park Library, 66 Leroy Street, Manhattan (NYC) in the West

When: January 12, 2008, from 1 to 4 PM (sometimes runs till 5PM).

What: A place where pulp magazine collectors congregate, talk about recent
acquisitions, talk about new pulp related projects coming out or already
out (such as the Black Lizard Big Book of the Pulps that came out a couple
of months ago, or the Captain Babyface collections one of our members is
helping to publish, or Tony Tollin's Shadow and Doc reprints, or ...)

And more. We occasionally view pulp related films or serials.

We show our new acquisitions around, and sometimes trade or sell pulps to
each other.

All are invited it you have an interest in pulps, and the meetings are free
to attend.

Come and join us.


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