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Earthlink NGs *DOWN*

Von: Robert Baer (robertbaer@earthlink.net) [Profil]
Datum: 13.12.2006 20:30
Message-ID: <45804818$0$15564$88260bb3@free.teranews.com>
Newsgroup: alt.comp
Robert Baer wrote:

>   Checking if shows or not..looks dead for last few days.
Earthlink NGs have been *DEAD* for about a week and a call to their
so-called customer service (which is outsourced) is a total waste of time.
It is not easy to get them to talk about the NG server problem, and
then they lie sayng that "it will be fixed momentarily".
Call any day you want, and that is all you can get.
Nevermind that they supposedly had *THREE* independent servers, they
have gone down one at a time to never be restored.
Perhaps it is time to demand a refund for services not rendered.

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